How to Blog without a database

We all know that WordPress and Joomla are the most used platforms for blogging, but are these the easiest platforms to install and use?
It came out is not….


If you aren’t already experienced with such things your first blog approach will pretty much be this:

  • Ask friends how they did it (here’s where WordPress or Joomla names come out)
  • Navigate to the platform webpage and download the latest package (for free)
  • Buy a domain, while cursing unknown people names because the coolest one are already taken $$$
  • Transfer the package through your favorite FTP application and start the installation
  • Realize you had to unzip the package first, so you start over… this time the transfer might take from minutes to hours because there are A LOT of files
  • Something is displaying on the page… it’s working!!! You start filling your Admin name, your password, but then the installation is asking for some mySQL address
  • After understanding they don’t wanna know about your education you go back to your hosting provider and you buy an additional package for the SQL service $$$
  • Fill up the last installation tabs and your blog website is up.
  • What an ugly thing!
  • Back to platform webpage, this time searching for Themes and Skins (prepare your credit card again) $$$

By the end of the day (or more realistically the week) your blog will be looking awesome, your wallet will be slightly thinner and you ended up with an headache.

There is an easier and cheaper way that will suit your needs much better, especially if your a first time blogger, it’s called Database-less Blog or Non-Database CMS.

You’ll find products like Dropplets or Stacey with the most popular choice possibly being CMSimple. But for what I saw instead of getting headaches from databases and settings you’ll get it from writing a .htaccess file to allow the site to display correctly. There are no workarounds for it, and if you are not willful enough your page will forever display an Error 500.

Nevertheless there is a CMS out there, developed somewhere in Italy when Nicki Minaj didn’t know how to surgery, when MySpace was The Social Network and when PC monitors had a whopping 1024×768 resolution.

It’s called FlatPress

It’s available HERE with a package size of merely 2 Mb. The setup is as easy as drag and drop and it resolves in a matter of seconds.
While the WIKI might not be updated with the most recent news there is a FORUM well administered where is easy to find guides and solutions.

Beside the nice standard “leggero theme” there is an handful of skins currently available
In our opinion the most pleasant are:





and MyBobu

Of course installing a theme is the easiest procedure ever, just drag and drop the extracted folder into fp-interface/themes in your blog folder and you’ll then find it inside the Admin area waiting for you to be enabled.
There are also PLUGINS, WIDGETS and once again, don’t forget to give a look at the FORUM for other material and answers to all your questions.

All the files attached here are property of their respective owners, we are hosting the files on our website for a more practical service.
FlatPress is ©2006-2013 Edoardo Vacchi under a GNU GPLv2 License